The oldest jam factory in the French Pyrenees

It is in a village called Nousty, in the French Béarn region and near the cities of Pau, Lourdes and Tarbes – halfway between the High Pyrenees and the Atlantic Pyrenees- that the oldest jam factory, founded in 1980, wants to keep the tradition of homemade old-style jam production going through time.

Maison Cassandrine (SARL Cropsal) is a human-sized and traditional company specialized in the creating of top-of-the-range and gourmet homemade jams. Marc COUMES and Benoît PRAT have both been passionate about the universe of fruits since 2003 and they are today at the head of the jam factory. They want to share their passion in preparing unique products from the French South West region. Both being fine gourmets and gastronomes, their conception of the making is entirely focused on the optimum rendering of the exact savours and flavours they remember from their own childhood.

Maison Cassandrine uses a unique skilled expertise to prepare its traditional homemade jams and other sweat treats.

Maison Cassandrine also wants to show its total respect of the fruits in its making of jams. As strong defenders of a quality food, we want you to find exceptional gourmet products from our factory. They are the result of our traditional craft. To offer you the best, we always work :

  • in exclusively selecting top-of-the-range first ingredients
  • in elaborating many tasting and quality tests on our production
  • and in being respectful and always available for our customers in order to satisfy their needs and questions

From traditional flavours to more original creations, Maison Cassandrine can offer a highly-varied range of products and sweets treats. You can find them on our page “Our products”.

A traditional jam making as “in the old days”

To prepare an excellent, tasty jam, Maison Cassandrine starts by selecting the best fruits available on regional markets – be them wild blueberries, sparkling oranges, apricots filled with Spanish Catalan sun, figs growing in the Southwest of France, Mirabelle plums from Lorraine, deliciously velvety and sweet peaches, be them scarlet cherries, or strong perfumed strawberries, among other, depending on the season of the year.

We are proud to play a part in continuing and transmitting the old way of preparing homemade jam. According to tradition, we need to let the fruits comfit in small cauldrons as our ancestors used to; these fruits being mixed up with sugar (and more precisely saccharose produced from sugar canes or sugar beets). This old-time craft is the exact thing that makes an ideal time cooking possible, but it is also what gives a delicious generosity to all our homemade jams.

Our methods of production – in small quantities and using slow cooking- give a unique flavour to our traditional jams- the flavour of days gone by.

Maison Cassandrine is ready to answer any demand – from traditional homemade jams and jellies to any fruit speciality order. As professional experts, we are also used to invent and create unique recipes for wholesalers, chocolate makers, restaurant owners, delicatessens, but also butchers, bakers, pastry makers, dairy shops, cheese shops, flower shops, tea houses, cafés, fruit sellers, vegetable sellers, holiday cottages, hotels, beekeepers, wine makers, duty frees, local markets.

From original recipes to final marketing labels on the pots, we are able to create any personalized jam pot on request.

Do not hesitate to contact your traditional jam maker for any request or personalized demand.

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