Cultivated at the heart of the Jurançon vineyard, the Roussanne peach is a very old variety -from the 18th century - and typical of the Monein region (64).
The fruit is purplish in color and its yellow flesh is stained with red. This peach variety is juicy and excellent. It is a relatively early peach that we will transform between July 14th and August 15th and which will have a taste approaching a nectarine jam.

Since 2004, enthusiasts - from cooperatives or independent - have come together to develop a recovery plan aimed at obtaining the "Red Label". Today its production extends over fifteen hectares and its harvest is done in early summer. Since 2008, a feast has been dedicated to the Roussanne peach on the 3rd Sunday in July and it is the queen of the Monein festivals taking place on the first weekend in August.

An idea of recipe : Pan-fried French foie gras, reduction of Floc de Gascogne wine, and applesauce with Roussanne Peach jam from Monein

Ingredients for 6 persons :
1 foie gras portion of 450 to 500 gr / 4 Reinette type apples (red) / 1 jar of Roussanne Peach jam / 20 gr of sugar / 20 gr of butter
For the sauce:
- 20 cl of brown duck stock - 5 cl of Floc de Gascogne wine - 20 gr of brown sugar - 5 cl of Xérez vinegar

Seasonings :
- Salt - Fleur de sel - Freshly ground pepper

To make the sauce: heat the sugar and vinegar in a saucepan until the whole becomes caramelized. Deglaze with Floc de Gascogne wine and reduce by half. Add the brown duck stock and make it simmer. Adjust the seasoning.

Peel and quarter the apples and make them simmer slowly in sugarless butter until caramelizing. Add Roussanne Peach Jam to the caramelized apples until obtaining the desired taste.
Heat a pan and cook the foie gras slices for 1 minute on each side.
Drain the liver on a paper towel, add pepper, and place it on hot plates with the apple compote / Roussanne peaches.

Add the fleur de sel to the liver, then coat the pan-fried liver with the sauce and serve immediately.

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