Our Specialities

Maison Cassandrine also offers fresh fruit tasty specialities. There are homemade jams, candied fruits and jellies. All of them are produced from carefully selected quality fruits – for example, the “autumn” jam is composed of figs, citrus fruits and nuts, but there is also the seeded raspberry jam, seeded redcurrant jam, seeded blackberry, bitter orange jam, Roussanne Monein jam, candied red pepper confit, onion confit, chestnut confit, Jurançon wine jelly, Espelette pepper jelly.. You have to taste them !

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Homemade Top-Quality Seeded Blackberry Jam
Homemade Onion Confit
Homemade Top-Quality Seeded Redcurrant Jam
Homemade Top-Quality Jurançon Wine Jelly
Homemade Top-Quality Seeded Raspberry Jam
Homemade Top-Quality Roussanne Peach from Monein Jam
Homemade Top-Quality Espelette Pepper Jelly
Homemade Top-Quality Seeded Raspberry and Currant Jam
“Autumn” Homemade Top-Quality Jam (Figs, 3 citrus fruits and Nuts)
Homemade Red Pepper Confit
Homemade Top-Quality Black Cherry Jam
Homemade Top-Quality 3 Citrus fruit Jam
Homemade Top-Quality Bitter Orange jam
Homemade Top-Quality Chestnut Jam

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